Welcome to Namatanai and our lodge -- motel and guest house tourist accommodation

The bungalows and the “haus win” showing the green location and traditional finishes. The satellite dish keeps Namatanai Lodge in touch with the outside world.

Namatanai Lodge is the top tourist and visitor accommodation in southern New Ireland -- the "bilas ples"* province in the New Guinea Islands.

The Lodge offers a mix of guest house and motel rooms plus meals.

Tourists and business visitors alike can choose from a variety of rooms totaling twenty-six beds in budget priced tropical bungalows (above) or en-suite two ranges of motel style rooms.

The Lodge's Malah Restaurant provides a full meals service with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there are good spaces for conferences and meetings, and the gardens provide guests with pleasant spots to unwind.

Namatanai Lodge is ideal for that relaxed get away, a small conference, or where you must be to do business in the district.

It is a center for adventure and mountain trekking, mountain biking, caving, bird watching, butterfly watching, other nature pursuits, diving and surfing (in season), fishing, war history and relics, and the fascinating and diverse cultural life of the people of southern New Ireland.

Getting to Namatanai

Namatanai is the second urban center in New Ireland. Access is by air to the provincial capital, Kavieng, and then 264 kilometers south-east (about five hours by minibus) along the Boluminski Highway.

For the more adventurous traveler, flying to Rabaul/Kokopo then taking a two hour "banana boat" (open outboard powered 23-26 foot dinghy) voyage across St George's Channel (the Pacific Ocean!) is the go. Be warned; you can get a bit wet if there is a swell running. Banana boats also operate out of Namatanai to Lihir Island and other nearby islands.

For Information or to Book

Call: +675 7162 6409 or visit our Contact page and email.

* "Bilas Ples" is a Tok Pisin phrase which is somewhat difficult to translate into English in this context without losing the strength of the original. It might be translated as New Ireland is the place of beauty, the icing on the cake of Papua New Guinea. It might also be translated in a number of other ways, most positive but at least one negative! Tok Pisin is a language of few words and many meanings.

13-08-11 P8114359 Namatanai dawn1

Dawn over Namatanai harbor.

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